Jason Padgett
Ryan Tidwell
Toby Seay
Greg Adams
 Todd Ausley
 Michael Crews
Patrick Dyess
 Rufus Kervin
 Randal White
Ricky Beck
Donnie Chesteen
 Al Folsom
Deacon In Service:
Greg Adams


WifeJennifer Cotton Adams

Landon – Age 16
Logan – Age 13
 Lawson – Age 8

Birthday:   November 30

High School:  Geneva County High School
 Class of 1988

Occupation:Director of the S.E. Alabama  Highway Safety Office

Hobbies:  Roll Tide, Go Panthers, Serving others, Coaching, Racing, & Football

Favorite Foods:
Pizza, Breakfast Foods, Banana Pudding,
& Chocolate Chip Cookies

Deacon In Service:
Todd Ausley



Wife:  Sandra Ausley

Kailey – Age 23
Ray Anna – Age 10

Birthday  June 3

High School: Geneva High SchoolClass of 91

Occupation Army Fleet Support

HobbiesHunting & Fishing

Favorite Food: Steak

Deacon in Service:
Michael Crews



Wife: Abby  Bottoms Crews

Anniversary: June 9, 2001

Children: Max Crews – Age 11

Birthday:  December 9

High School: Geneva High SchoolClass of 97

Occupation:  Teacher/Coach

Hobbies:  Spending Time with family, Braves baseball, Alabama football, & church activities.

Favorite Foods: Steak & Shrimp
Deacon in Service:
Jason Padgett



Wife:  Anna Speigner Padgett

Anniversary: September 11, 2004

Children:   Isabelle – Age 10

BirthdayJuly 4

High School: Geneva High School
Class of 96

OccupationGeneva County Director 
of the USDA’s Farm Service Agency

Hobbies: Coaching, Golf, & Yard Work

Favorite Food: Fried Okra

Deacon in Service:
Randal White


Wife:  Bridgett White

Anniversary: September 20, 2008

Children:   Cooper – Age 7
     Evie Lou – Age 3

BirthdayOctober 3

High School:  Samson High School  Class of 2002

OccupationAlfa Insurance Agent,
Owner of Oak Grove Processing

Hobbies: Fishing, Turkey Hunting

Favorite Food: Steak

Deacon in Service:
Patrick Dyess




Wife Nikki Dyess

Anniversary: June 21, 2008

Children:  John Warren – Age 6
                 Corbitt – Age 2

Birthday: October 14

High School: Geneva High School  Class of 2002

Occupation: Director of Sales for Southern Care Hospice

Hobbies: Golf, Duck Hunting

Favorite Food: Anything cooked by my wife, mother, & mother in law

Deacon in Service:
Rufus Kervin



Wife: Annette  Kervin

Anniversary August 17

Children  Clinton and Sabrena

Birthday: September 10

High School: McKenzie High School Class of 1959

Occupation: Health  Care  Provider

Hobbies: Reading, Vegetable Gardening

Favorite Foods:  Fresh Sweet Corn, Boiled Peanuts, Watermelon, Steak

Deacon in Service:
Ricky Beck



Wife:  Karol Beck

Anniversary: August 11

Children:   Abbie Kay – Age 35
  Lydia – Age 31

Birthday: February  25

High School: Geneva High School Class of 1972

OccupationSelf Employed Crop Insurance Salesman

HobbiesGolf, Hunting

Favorite Food: Hamburger

Deacon in Service:
Donnie Chesteen


Wife:  Stephanie

Anniversary: July 14, 1979

Children:  Christopher – Age 35
 Roxanna – Age 33

   BirthdayAugust  27

High School: Geneva County High School Class of 1971
 Troy University 1975

OccupationState Representative

HobbiesWorking in the yard, CrossFit,
& spending time with granddaughters

Favorite Food: BBQ

Deacon in Service:
Al Folsom


Wife:  Vanessa  Prevette Folsom

Anniversary:  September 2, 1989

Children George – Age 10
  Julia – Age 24

Birthday: October 3

School: Penn State University 1995

Occupation:  Retired Coast Guard Officer

Program Manager

HobbiesTaekwondo, beach, fishing, boating, gardening, & cooking

Favorite Foods:  Seafood (lobster, sushi, grilled fish), lamb chops, Italian

Deacon in Service:
Toby Seay


Wife:  Jami Wilks Seay

Anniversary:  June 16, 2001

Children   Mary Elizabeth – Age 9
       Millie– Age  3

Birthday: July 23

High School:  Geneva  High School  1988
Troy University 1993

Occupation: Chief Juvenile Probation  
Officer for Geneva Co. 
Alabama Army National  Guard Officer


Favorite Foods:  Steak, Brownies

Deacon in Service:
Ryan Tidwell



Wife Hannah

Anniversary: July 21, 2012

Children:   Harrison– Age 3                 

Birthday: June 17

High School: Geneva High School Class of  2008
 Troy University 2017 

Occupation: Sales Rep for Allstate   Beverages

HobbiesReading, baseball & socializing

Favorite Foods: Steak & BBQ